Mystical travel alert: There’s a Harry Potter–themed rental home in Scotland

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Photo: Canongate Luxury Apartment
At some point in adulthood, you have to come to terms with the fact that one of two things probably happened to your Hogwarts letter: It was either never coming or an owl lost it in the mail. Regardless of what you choose to believe (always the latter), you can now make up for lost time by staying at the IRL version of Hogwarts in Edinburgh, Scotland, during your next restorative getaway.

Inspired by the fact that J.K. Rowling started the Harry Potter series in Edinburgh, superfan Yue Gao opened Canongate Luxury Apartment in the oldest part of the city before decking it out with Hogwarts-inspired wares, according to Digital Spy.

The two-bedroom home is available to rent in it’s entirety for roughly $200 a night, depending on the season. And that’s totally a reasonable cost for the opportunity to meditate in the Gryffindor common room (just as Harry Potter may have after a particularly rough quidditch sweat sesh) and to organize your chic planner at a desk that belonged to Rowling IRL, right?

Sounds like a magical place to unplug, practice yoga, and focus on actually writing that book you’ve been talking about getting around to forever. Maybe you can also craft a golden-milk inspired butterbeer during your stay. Crazier things have certainly happened at Hogwarts.

See more of the magical quarters below.

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Photo: Canongate Luxury Apartment

Photo: Canongate Luxury Apartment

Photo: Canongate Luxury Apartment

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