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If you’re lucky enough to find a dog-friendly hotel during your travels, the accommodations for your pet are probably nothing fancier than a typical room that’s fur-friendly. But some luxe destinations offer services for pampering your pup that might even make you jealous. Seriously, these spots pull out all the stops.

According to Vogue, many luxury hotels are offering the royal relaxing treatment to your canine companion—grooming, massages, cozy beds, room service, you name it. Here are some of the dreamiest places to stay with your best buddy where both of you can snag some covetable self-care time—and, y’know, chat over some PSLs.

You *and* your pup will love these 5 relaxing destinations.

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1. Ashford Castle

According to Vogue, Ashford Castle—a 13th-century literal castle in Ireland—pretty much treats your dog like royalty. Not only will you find a cozy bed, food and water bowls, treats, and towels specifically for your dog in the guest room, but you’ll also have the option to book a grooming appointment during your stay, as well as anything else you need, from leashes to dog first aid kits.


2. Provenance Hotels

This group—with locations in Nashville, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon—offers pet beds, toys, organic food, custom-made dog tags you get to keep, massages, holistic pet care, and special door hangers that inform the hotel staff whether you’re leaving your pet alone in the room, reports Vogue. In fact, the spot even has its own pet-focused hashtag: #ProvenancePets.


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3. Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

According to Vogue, here, dogs have their own room-service menu that features baked salmon, supersize dog biscuits, and more. There’s also an adorable ambassador named Coco, pictured above. (She even has her own Instagram!)


4. Las Ventanas al Paraíso

Can you imagine staying at a hotel with specialized dog butlers? Well this spot in Los Cabos, Mexico, has 10 of ’em—and daily “doga” classes is one of their specialities, claims Vogue.


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5. The Westin Cape Coral Resort

If you want to give your dog the Heavenly Pet Treatment, this Florida hotel is the place to go. You get a cozy, oversize pet bed, water and food bowls, and a floor mat for free, says Vogue. The dreamy waterfront locale also offers a pet menu with pup-approved goodies.

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