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Kayla Itsines' tips for good skin while flying Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines is basically the Beyoncé of the fitness world: The mega-famous (hello 8.2 million Instagram followers) Australian trainer is a household name in some circles thanks to her workouts, her on-trend activewear outfits, and fans who spread her gospel. Considering her superstar status, it’s not a surprise that Itsines jets to different locations on the reg. So, of course she has a method for fighting the dehydrating and bacteria-laden effects of recycled airplane air.

“At every location I visit, I change my pillowcase so it’s fresh for my skin.” —Kayla Itsines

In addition to toting facial wipes in her bag, Itsines loves clean skin-care brand Drunk Elephant. “I mix two drops of their yellow oil that I mix with the hydrating serum and put on my face,” she said in an interview with Well+Good Executive Editor Erin Hanafy at the launch event for her new book The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide. Another one of her go-to products is Tatcha Dewey Skin Mist, which she sprays on her face as well as into the air around her.

Beauty products aside, Itsines washes her hands often and cleans her airplane seat with an antibacterial wipe before using it. The most copy-worthy tip? Her genius pillow hack:

“I take my own pillow with me, and I got a travel pillowcase made that’s lined with silk and has a little zip-open pocket that holds my spare pillowcases,” she said. “At every location I visit, I change my pillowcase so it’s fresh for my skin.”

So basically, Itsines’ hack is to simply bring your “nightly routine” on the plane, whether that’s your own pillow, an essential oil, or a luxe pair of silk pajamas.

You should also consider treating your travels as a workout, and heed these tips from flight attendants for a healthy trip.