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Lavender farms to stay at now Pin It
Photo: Airbnb

The purpose of most vacations is to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle in search of some restorative, blissful Zen. From meditation vacations to mindfulness journeys through the great outdoors and beyond, options abound. But might I make a suggestion? Book a stay in a field of lavender for the most restorative and relaxing vacay.

I know, I know, it does kind of sound like the plot of a romantic movie about an innkeeper in the South of France, but these places exist all over the world—some even United States. You’ll get a dreamy getaway, plus you’ll be surrounded by the purple plant that offers relaxing and sleep-promoting properties (i.e. the stuff of rejuvenating vacation magic).

Keep scrolling to see some of the lush lavender farm vacation spots.

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Photo: Airbnb

1. Vashon, WA, $425 per night

This six-bedroom house at a lavender farm is on an island off the coast of Seattle, and it’s the perfect place for a family reunion or girl’s trip.

Photo: Airbnb

2. Cape Winelands, South Africa, $82 per night

This bed-and-breakfast in South Africa is beyond picturesque. Plus, the locale is on the other side of the equator, meaning if you head there right now, you’ll catch the summer season.

Photo: Los Poblanos

3. Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm, Albuquerque, NM, $200–$475 per night

This incredibly Instagrammable inn has all the aforementioned amenities as well as an on-site restaurant, a saltwater pool, and bicycles. In other words, it’s the perfect place to go 100 percent in on some self-care.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Valley Center, CA, $225 per night

If the proverbial secret garden exists, this San Diego Airbnb might just be it. The property is not only nestled in a lavender field, but it also includes a labyrinth, a pool, and an outdoor claw-foot bathtub that’s perfect for testing out you the crystal massage ball you packed.

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