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Photo: Thinkstock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

I’ve been spending a lot of time perusing the dreamy offerings on Airbnb recently, and let’s just say I’m experiencing a bit of wanderlust. Thankfully, I’m headed to Vancouver next week for some much-needed me time. My plans include getting more than my fair share of omega-3s via the area’s local salmon and relaxing in the hotel tub (maybe I’ll even add some crystals to my soak for optimum Zen vibes).

And as luxe as hotel bathrooms may be, the experience is bound to be more rejuvenating when you use your personal favorite products. I, for one, need my favorite bath salts and a shower speaker.

After countless trips marred by the crystal salt massage ball I forgot to pack, I can say with confidence that I’ll be prepared this time. These helpful little knickknacks will take your bath experience from calming to restorative. Bonus: They’re all carry-on–friendly.

See the 9 travel-friendly bath accessories below.

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If you’re a bath fanatic, try Alessandra Ambrosio’s tub hacks or visit the city that’s full of thermal baths.