9 chic, luxurious rentals in Paris where you can live like a French girl

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Sure, you can emulate the life of a French girl via certain athleisure choices, skin-care techniques, and post-workout hair styles while stateside—but to really step into the super-chill lifestyle (a nice, healthy respite for stateside Type-As), you straight-up have to visit France. Brush off your middle school French, download Duolingo, and get ready to do Paris like actress Anna Karina (or really any Jean-Luc Godard heroine) would.

To find the best stays, you could hit crowd favorite Airbnb, or you could try its chic, sophisticated cousin, Onefinestay. It’s basically a Pinterest-on-steroids version of a home-sharing site (read: more expensive than Airbnb). It also gives you the option to upgrade to some of the conveniences of a hotel (amenities, room service, etc.) for optimal stress-free travel.

For your Parisian getaway, I went deep into the site (you’re welcome), and uncovered some amazing finds: airy lofts, opulent Versailles-esque apartments, and greenery-filled town houses where you can bask in the je ne sais quoi and hit your French-girl goals.

Take a tour through these chic Parisian homes below.

Photo: Onefinestay

1. $667 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

2. $370 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

3. $420 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

4. $235 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

5. $944 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

6. $338 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

7. $368 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

8. $235 per night

Photo: Onefinestay

9. $1,315 per night

When in Europe, you could also take a breather in its least-visited country and stay on the lookout for Wes Anderson–esque Instagram shots

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