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Packing for the beach is a serious task. You’re undoubtedly going to be there for a significant chunk of time, and you have to make sure that all of your sunny-day essentials are on hand. Not only that, but basically everything you bring is going to get sandy—so you have to be strategic.

Take it from a Baywatch star, it’s hard to narrow it down. “My beach bag is usually really full,” Priyanka Chopra, actress and coconut oil enthusiast, tells Elle. “Its like my real-life bag as well.” (Feel ya.) So what are her must-haves when she’s beach-bound?

Number one: “Always have a change of a bikini.”

“Always have a change of a bikini,” she says—that’s number one. Hey, a woman’s got to keep a full arsenal of swimsuits. “Always have a cover up, always have sunscreen. I keep lip balm because I am usually in the sun like all day if I get an opportunity, my phone, a book, and some speakers.”

Clearly Chopra knows the importance of skin protection—SPF is key, along with something to prevent pesky chapped lips. And then there are the tools necessary for self-entertainment (Need some extra beach reads, Priyanka? We got you.) Once you throw those seven things into your bag, you’re set for a day of your own bae-watching.

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