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Vertical garden in Sydney tallest in the world Pin It
Photo: Central Park Sydney

If you’ve been carefully planning the itinerary of your hypothetical surfing-filled trip to Australia, there’s another item to add to your wellness getaway schedule: the world’s tallest vertical garden.

The land Down Under seems to have it all: larger-than-life crystal gardens, avocado and coffee-filled meals, and endless home inspo, not to mention the fact that its population seems to be made up almost entirely of fitness superstars. And the residential skyscraper Central Park Sydney is basically a dreamy ideal when it comes to harmonious nature-filled urban design.

Part of an “urban village” in the downtown area of the city, the green mega-building is located in a park amid retail and residential buildings. That park seems to “climb up” the skyscraper’s walls to create the vertical garden, and according to Inhabitat, the living greenery embedded and woven throughout the building’s exterior features 250 species of flowers and plants native to Australia.

Since you can’t exactly see the plants at night, once the sun goes down, the building transforms into an LED light spectacle. Because apparently, in Australia, mood-boosting effects (with plants) beget more mood-boosting effects (with light).

Check out the (very) vertical garden below.

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Photo: Facebook/Central Park Sydney

Photo: Facebook/Central Park Sydney

Your Australia stargazing trip could be free if you’ve got the right name.