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Photo: Stocksy/Isaiah Taylor Photography

In case you needed yet another reason to visit France, here you go: Paris City Hall officials have a new initiative—called fontaine pétillante, AKA “bubbly fountain”—to instal carbonated water fountains in each of the city’s 20 neighborhoods. Yes, seriously.

There’s already a handful of sparkling water fountains in the city, but according to the Los Angeles Times, the increase in inventory comes with a couple of healthy goals in mind: Get Parisians to drink more H2O and reduce plastic bottle waste in the process. And with veritable free-flowing LaCroix spurting from public fountains, how could the plan not work?

That's right. They have sparkling water fountains here. #Paris #sparklingwaterfountain

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There’s no word on when exactly more fountains will be put in place, but once sparkling upgrades land, you’ll reportedly be able to take advantage in public parks and other outdoor areas. So when you visit the City of Lights, make sure to bring your S’well bottle.

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