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For the debut Well+Good Retreat at Avalon Palm Springs, March 25–28, 2018, our editors scouted two rockstars of the wellness scene to lead our retreat: Meet Candice Kumai and Charlee Atkins. 

Candice Kumai Well+Good Retreats

The food/self-care/everything expert: Candice Kumai

A classically trained chef, Kumai’s also a New York Times best-selling author, Instagram wellness luminary, contributing writer across the wellness spectrum, and Well+Good Council member (as if expert chef wasn’t enough). On this Well+Good Retreat, you’ll get exclusive lessons from her forthcoming book, Kintsugi Wellness, due out this spring.

With a real-talk philosophy and totally grounded approach to wellness, Kumai is a role model for living your healthiest life—and she’ll be sharing the simple recipes, kitchen hacks, and self-love wisdom you need right now.

Charlee Atkins Well+Good Retreats

The fitness and recovery expert: Charlee Atkins

Prepare for an endorphin surge. A self-proclaimed “professional sweater,” Atkins is the creator of the Le Sweat and Le Stretch workouts with a serious cult-following at Studio B and SoulAnnex in New York City. (She’s also a Master SoulCycle instructor.)

You’ll get serious toning action with Atkin’s Le Sweat body-sculpting mat workout—then a super healthy dose of recovery work with her signature myofascial release Le Stretch method (considered the first class in NYC entirely devoted to stretching). Basically, it’s a total-body reboot.

For more information and to book your spot, email [email protected]