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Photo: Steamline Luggage

It almost that time of the year when you start daydreaming of leaving puffer jackets and all-things-hygge in the dust (er, uh, snow) in favor of some vitamin D–replenishing sunny relaxation. But when you’re snuggled up in your daily sweater-with-leggings uniform, it can be tough to put yourself in the full-on bikini mind-set required to pack for your tropical getaway.

These are the travel essentials you need if you’re spending Thanksgiving or in-between-holidays period in Tuvalu or another more popular and populated (but nonetheless enviable) island. You already have your airport outfits settled—leggings and layers, of course—and the rest we’ve got covered, from outfits for restorative beach-bumming to athletic getups that are perfect for a run in the sand and sun-protection accessories to keep you happy and healthy.

See the hot-weather vacation necessities below.

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Now you’re packed, but where are you going? For vacation inspiration, try these Netflix movies or think about heading down under to Australia.