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Healthy French cafe Wild and the Moon in NYC Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@wildandthemoon

Contrary to popular belief, eating like a Frenchwoman means more than just noshing on croissants, sugary crepes, and brie-slathered baguettes. One Parisian hot spot’s cuisine is wild-crafted, organic, plant-based, and—wait for it—gluten- and (almost) dairy-free—and it will soon expand stateside, to New York City.

Emma Sawko opened Wild & the Moon with with a simple mission: To give people a way to eat clean food without wrecking the planet in the process. Besides being a gluten-free, minimal-dairy zone, everything on the menu is free of refined sugar, additives, GMOs, and soy.

Wild & The Moon latte
Photo: Instagram/@wildandthemoon

A sampling of what’s on the drink menu: golden milk lattes, mushroom tea, spirulina-spiked matcha, and Bulletproof-style coffee (with ghee). And to eat: everything from breakfast foods—like acai bowls made with homemade nut milk and GF banana bread—to salads and sandwiches, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. There are also grab-and-go adaptogenic juices and mylks.

Wild & The Moon food
Photo: Instagram/@wildandthemoon

Currently, there are only two Wild & the Moon locations—one in Paris and a second in Dubai—but later this summer (exact date TBD) a third location will open in NYC. No details have been released yet, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will be the place to go after barre or spin. Just a little cafe breaking down cultural stereotypes, one adaptogenic bottled juice at a time.

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