What to Stock in Your Pantry for Super-Easy, Last-Minute Meals


Welcome to House of Wellness, our hot new show with ReebokONE, in which we turn to leaders in the healthy-living movement and Reebok fitness experts to answer all of your burning questions. 

If you've ever come home late at night from the gym, only to discover that you've got a bag of rice and one (slightly bruised) avocado in your cabinet, then you understand the particular pain of being thwarted by your pantry situation...or lack thereof.

Seriously, why is it so hard to keep your kitchen supplies on point? The solution, according to chef and wellness guru Seamus Mullen, is stocking up on long-lasting and versatile staples, and using some clever strategies.

The solution is stocking up on long-lasting and versatile staples—and using some clever strategies.

In the first episode of our new healthy-living show House of Wellness, Mullen stops by the pad of CJ Frogozo—winner of America's Most Inspiring Trainer 2016—to do a pantry makeover, using some surprising elements.

For healthy fats, he's got macadamia nuts (not almonds!); for probiotic punch, it's daikon kimchi (daikon is a radish, FYI); and for your daily dose of omega-3s, Mullen is all about—gulp—sardines (did you know that they have a lower mercury content than bigger fish?).

Plus, he's got plenty of nifty hacks to up your food-prep game, like blending frozen berries (usually designated for smoothies) into a vinaigrette and storing nuts in the freezer for an extra-crunchy snack.

Check out the video above for expert advice on stocking your pantry—and scroll down to shop the video (AKA all the must-have athleisure).

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