4 Simple Tips for Crushing Your Goals, From a Rockstar Wellness Entrepreneur

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Black Girl In Om founder Lauren Ash shares her secrets for manifesting like a boss.

Each week of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year Challenge focuses on a different theme. For Week Four, it’s all about goal setting. No matter what your goals are—from toning up in the gym to bringing it at the office—you’ve got the power to make things happen. Read on for four essential goal-setting tips from Lauren Ash, the founder of Black Girl In Om.

A new year is a great time to start fresh and set some aspirations for yourself. Although some goals may be loftier than others, each goal you have is important. Invest in yourself and remember to:

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1. Think of your values

Really sit down and think about what the things are that you want. Sometimes, it’s easy to set goals that are actually someone else’s. Maybe it’s something your friend or a family member wants. But what happens in that instance is that you’ll achieve that goal and then you’ll still feel empty. So before you even get going, think about how you’ll feel if you were to achieve a goal. Are you happy? Or are you longing for more?

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2. Check in with your friends

From the moment you put pen to paper (or maybe it’s fingertip to iPhone notepad), share your goals with your friends. It can be super powerful. People that know you well will be able to help you reflect. Buy sharing your aspirations, you’re also held accountable. The Black Girl In Om team shares frequently on Slack in the office. It sound silly, but even our little virtual check-ins help me keep on task day-in and day-out. 

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3. Set goals often

I really encourage setting goals as often as possible and coming back to them. Of course, you don’t want to have too many goals all at once so that you feel overwhelmed. But I actively set goals quarterly, or twice a year at minimum. Even though January is a great time to start fresh, we need to honor this idea that we’re always growing. We can have life events that completely shift who we are throughout a calendar year, and it’s important for us to check in and honor that fluctuating process.

4. Write them down

Surrounding yourself with big-picture goals, desires, and values so that you see them often does great things for your mind. It could be as simple as putting Post-Its on your bathroom mirror or keeping screenshots on your phone (something we also look at every day). I believe in the power of manifestation. Through this tactic, you’re constantly reminding yourself what you want.

Dream, believe, achieve. Join the Well+Good community for (Re)New Year—and look forward to your healthiest, happiest year yet!

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