2 Hair-Care Products Jennifer Aniston Uses Every Day To Prevent Breakage

Photo: LolaVie

Jennifer Aniston's hair defined a generation. It's impossible to talk about '90s beauty without discussing the impact of "The Rachel," so it makes sense that the star's debut into the industry as a founder comes by way of a hair-care brand. Last month, she launched LolaVie, which prides itself on offering science-backed, natural formulas that give users their "best hair ever." The line currently features two products—a  Glossing Detangler ($25) and a just-released Leave-In Conditioner ($29)—both of which Aniston herself uses every day.

"My goal for the first couple of products was for them to be multitaskers that can simplify your hair routine but also deliver some amazing benefits," Aniston tells Well+Good—and multitaskers, they are. Both are made with the brand's LolaVie Bond Technology, which shields your hair cuticles in order to repair breakage and defend against future damage from UV light and heat. Both formulas also swap bamboo essence in place of water, which the brand says helps to minimize the disruption of "osmotic balance" in your scalp cells.

Where they differ, though, is in what they actually do for your hair. The conditioner harnesses the hydrating and moisturizing benefits of Rose of Jericho and superfruits and it also works to smooth out hair with the help of chia seeds. It's great for hydrating, fighting frizz, and adding a little bit of texture to your strands to help hold your style in place. The detangler, on the other hand, adds shine, tames flyaways, and can be used on wet or dry hair to make it easier to comb through knots.

Just like Monica and Rachel (can't stop won't stop with these Friends references) these products function best as a duo. They work together to offer maximum protection and prevent breakage, leaving your hair as healthy as possible—which is exactly why Aniston uses them on wet hair every day. "Honestly, what I’ve noticed is softer, shinier, healthier-looking-and-feeling hair," she says. "My hair is finally growing and not breaking." Whether now or then: "Not on a break" continues to be a refrain Aniston abides by.

Watch the video below to see what happened when I tried Jennifer Aniston's morning routine for a week. 

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