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The Night Cream That Chips Away at Dull, Dead Skin While You Sleep

Gina Vaynshteyn

Photo: Getty Images/F.J. Jimenez
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Whenever I haven't consumed enough water or gotten enough sleep, it shows. Not just dark circles under my eyes—that's a given. My face also tends to look lifeless and blotchy, and I break out; it's like my skin's version of throwing a tantrum because I haven't, ya know, given it its basic needs. Even though I try to course-correct with filling and re-filling my water bottle and setting reminders to go to bed early, it'll generally take at least a week for my skin to clear and brighten up—until I started applying Korres Wild Rose Night-Brightening Sleeping Facial, which sped up the recovery process.


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Wild Rose Night-Brightening Sleeping Facial

Once I started using the overnight cream, I noticed a difference in how my skin looked within days. And unlike slathering masks on my face, which takes up precious time I realistically don't have during the weekdays, I can just apply the creamy formula before bed and call it a day. It absorbs easily—leaving skin dewy and hydrated, but never weighed down—so you won't transfer any onto your pillow while you sleep (it's essentially a more dense moisturizer). And while you catch some REM, the sleep facial works its magic.

The key ingredients are wild rose (which helps hydrate and add elasticity), vitamin C (a natural brightener that aids in evening out skin), and rosehip oil (this smooths out skin and leaves it soft and supple). It also features a rose fragrance that's subtle and calming.

The Wild Rose Night-Brightening facial is formulated for all skin types (normal, dry, combo, and oily), and even though it's a thicker cream than what I use in the morning, my combo skin (which is prone to blemishes) never breaks out or feels greasy. I also appreciate that you only need to use a little (the recommended amount is a nickel-sized dollop—I never go over) to cover your entire face. So, while the bottle is on the smaller size, it'll last you months and keep your wallet from calling a skin-care shopping intervention.

I'm not the only one who swears by the sleeping facial. It has over a thousand reviews on Sephora that praise its ability to transform cranky skin overnight. "This smells really lovely, and it makes a huge difference in brightening my skin. It has an incredible moisturizing effect and I notice a significant improvement in my red spots after a few hours. I have dry skin and acne hyperpigmentation and it soothes my skin," says Yulena.

One user writes, "You will notice after application how it immediately softens your face and in the morning your complexion is brighter and overtime the evening of your tone is noticeable. The texture of the product is like softened butter and is a joy to use."

With colder, dry weather on the horizon, I'll be stocking up.

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