15 Foolproof Wellness Gifts Perfect for Secret Santa—That Are All Under $30

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Finding holiday gifts for the people you know and love is hard enough as is, but exchanging Secret Santa gifts with a coworker, extended family member, or classmate who you don’t know as well is another challenge entirely. Throw a price cap into the mix, and shopping can be not so merry and bright.

Still, when done right, a Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to foster new friendships and spread a little love during the holiday season.

Your best bet when shopping for an office or friendly gift exchange is to keep it simple. Shop with function first, and prioritize gift ideas that’ll make your Secret Santa’s life easier in one way or another. If you don't know them that well, avoid going too niche with your gift, and opt for something that’s generally enjoyable for most people. And because no one wants to feel like they got the short end of the stick, remember to put yourself in your recipient’s shoes—is the gift one that you’d be psyched to unwrap yourself? If so, then you’re on the right track.

To help you win your Secret Santa exchange this year, we rounded up our most universally loved wellness gifts that anyone in your group would be delighted to receive. The best part? They’re all under $30, a reasonable price cap for most exchanges (although most are less than $20.) Keep calm and shop on.

Wellness gifts for Secret Santa under $30

stojo reusable cup for a wellness related secret santa gift on a white background
Stojo, 16 oz. Cup — $20.00

Everyone can use a reusable cup, and the Stojo is a personal favorite because of its space-saving, collapsible design. It’s made of a food-grade silicone and features a temperature-regulating sleeve that helps keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, making it a must-have for everything from your morning latté to smoothies and iced matcha. And unlike other reusable cups that can only be hand-washed, the Stojo can go right in the dishwasher (on the top rack) for easy cleaning.

REI Co-op, Ribbed Watch Cap — $20.00

*Game of Thrones voice* Winter is… here. What better way to gear up for sleet and snow than with a cozy beanie? This snuggly hat from REI is wonderfully roasty, made from a stretchy, ribbed acrylic that’ll keep the chill out on cold days while looking fierce. And while other beanies are itchy, this one’s not, guaranteed to stay comfortable, even if they work up a sweat.

Ordinary Habit, 100 Piece Puzzle — $20.00

I standby giving puzzles as gifts because a) they make for a great brain exercise, and b) they’re a relaxing self care treat. Ordinary Habit’s mini 100-piece puzzles are sure to delight your Secret Santa’s inner child, while the whimsical, not-so-ordinary prints double as works of art. I.e., this ramen noodle puzzle that anyone—foodie or not—would get a kick out of upon unwrapping.

everyday oil baseline bottle, a wellness related secret santa gift, on a white background
Everyday Oil, Everyday Oil Baseline — $24.00

Everybody loves Everyday Oil. The multipurpose oil is made with five nourishing, plant-derived oils and can be used for pretty much anything, be it as a makeup remover, oil cleanser, face moisturizer, hair mask—the list goes on. Unlike the original (which is also fantastic), the Baseline version is completely fragrance-free, which eliminates any chances of it not agreeing with your Secret Santa’s scent preferences. Plus, with the colder temps upon us, they’ll be glad to have some extra moisture.

soundbot shower speaker in blue in a splash of water on a white background
SoundBot, SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker — $15.00

Originally $30, now $15

To elevate your Secret Santa’s shower routine, get them this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with a powerful suction cup that sticks to the shower wall, the SoundBot speaker delivers exceptional sound while you shower and it even has a built-in microphone so you can take a call if you really need to. Chargeable via its included USB cable, the small-but-mighty shower speaker can last up to six hours on a full battery.

graza drizzle olive oil on a light grey background
Graza, 'Drizzle' Extra Virgin Olive Oil — $20.00

Olive oil is a staple in anyone’s kitchen, so treat your Secret Santa to a high quality one they’ll be glad to add to everyday dishes. Graza’s “Drizzle” Oil has a rich, flavorful kick that makes it a great finishing touch to most dishes—from sandwiches and salads, to popcorn and dips. And let’s face it, the bright green bottle and illustrated label looks great on a countertop too!

standard baggu reusable bag with a swirl pattern on a grey background
Baggu, Standard Baggu — $14.00

Baggu’s best-selling reusable totes are an eco-friendly essential that can be used for pretty much everything. They fold down into their own compact pouch for easy packing while traveling, and the recycled nylon material can hold up to 50 pounds worth of stuff. They come in fun, colorful patterns and prints that are an instant mood boost—but most importantly, they’ll help save countless single-use plastic bags from landfills.

Rifle Paper Co., Marguerite Stiched Notebook Set — $18.00

Notebooks are one of those things you love to have on hand. Be it for taking notes on a work call, scribbling down the week’s grocery list, or penning that novel (you never know!), a little notebook goes a long way. This soft-bound 3-pack from Rifle Paper Co. is a blank slate for all the above, plus some. Bonus points for the pretty patterns and gold foil accents that are *chef’s kiss.*

PF candle
P.F. Candle Co., Ojai Lavender Standard Candle — $24.00

Lavender touts soothing, aromatherapeutic benefits, and P.F. Candle Co.’s Ojai Lavender is one of the best out there. It has the fresh, floral lavender scent you know and love, with the unique addition of zesty tangerine and mint for a citrusy, herbal twist. We can’t get enough of the calming, spa-like aroma, and know that your Secret Santa will feel the same way.

Maude, Soak No. 3 — $18.00

Maude’s nourishing mineral bath salts turn baths into a restorative self care moment. This new scent will transform their bathroom into a spa the moment it hits the water. Featuring notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and cassis, Soak No. 3 smells like a warm hug—and who wouldn’t love that?

Golde, Shroom Shield (30 Serving Pouch) — $29.00

A mushroom-powered take on classic hot cocoa, Golde’s Shroom Shield boasts immune-boosting and stress-relieving benefits—and tastes absolutely delicious. Stirred into some water or hot milk, it froths into a cafe-worthy drink anyone would appreciate. This pack will get your giftee 30 cups, so consider it the gift that keeps on giving.

acupressure mat and pillow set on a white background
ProSource Fit, Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set — $30.00

With over 44,000 ratings on Amazon, this Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is a game changer for relieving tension, boosting circulation, and supporting relaxation. Take a look at its thousands of reviews and you’ll find loads of personal testimonies and success stories from Amazon shoppers who claim the set totally eradicated their back and neck pain, while relieving stress, too. Yes, please.

Chapstick, 12 Days of Chapstick Advent Calendar — $15.00

Cue “Where’s the Chapstick?” (remember that video?!) or actually, don’t, because they’ll never lose another Chapstick again thanks to this gift. This fun advent calendar comes with—you guessed it—12 days of Chapstick, so they’ll always have one at the ready, even when their other stick is buried in a pocket or purse. It’s also just $15, making it a budget-friendly present for Secret Santa stages on with a smaller price cap.

geniani portable humidifier in black with the box for a wellness related secret santa gift
Geniani, Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifier — $28.00

Originally $30, now $28

This portable humidifier has a lightweight, compact shape perfect for keeping on your desktop, at your bedside, in the car, anywhere you could use some moisture—making it a saving grace during the cold winter months. The ultrafine mist injects humidity into the driest of environments, to help keep airways moist and house plants hydrated and healthy. It even doubles as a night light! And the whisper quiet sound will gently lull you to sleep, too.

pai heavy mettle hand cream on a white background
Pai, Heavy Mettle Rescue Hand Cream — $29.00

Because no one likes having dry hands, Pai’s Heavy Mettle Hand Cream is a foolproof Secret Santa gift. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients like sea buckthorn, rosehip, vitamin C, and omegas 3, 6, and 7 this nourishing cream supports softer, smoother hands, and keeps pesky winter dryness at bay. It also absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue behind, which anyone would appreciate!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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