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7 Sports Bras with Keyhole Cut-Outs for Extra Breathability

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Fewer things in life are more frustrating than a swampy underboob—the last thing that should take up space in your mind mid-workout is a sweat stain pooling at the base of your sports bra, or trying to unstick yourself from wet, sweaty fabric.

Luckily, sports bras with keyhole designs are the latest-and-greatest in sports bra design. While brands have made strides in breathability by strategically adding cut-outs and mesh inserts to otherwise swampy places, the keyhole design circulates air right in the middle of things. So bye bye, underboob sweat, and hello, maximum airflow.

7 sports bras with keyhole designs for maximum airflow

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1. Nike Indy Yoga Essentials Dri-FIT Sports Bra

Minimalists, Nike's black sports bra jumps on the keyhole bandwagon without going overboard. This supportive sports bra has two teensy-tiny designs in the front and the back that provide extra ventilation on even the sweatiest days. Other features include adjustable straps, removable cups, and a light lining for extra cushion.

2. Ethos Strappy Cut Out Bra

This pretty sports bra by Ethos takes breathability to the next level. It has a large cut-out on the bra line, right where sweat likes to drip and absorb into the fabric. In addition to the cut-out, it's also lightweight and strappy for extra ventilation. If you want a bit more support, Ethos also makes a scoop-neck sports bra with a thicker strap that leverages the same simple design.

3. Miss Selfridge Athletic Ribbed Sports Bra

Another minimalist look, this camel sports bra offers just the right amount of peek-a-boo at your chest. For $17, it's a budget-friendly bra that doesn't skimp on support. Plus, it's featherlight, making it a great everyday bralette to wear under tanks and tees.

4. Spanx Workout to Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra

A sports bra that doubles as a bikini top?! Count me in. Spanx's ultra-supportive bra is wire-free and lightly lined while still ensuring support during low and medium-impact workouts. Literally go from workout to the waves (or the pool) in this bad boy—the materials are all chlorine- and saltwater-resistant. Just hang dry it after your dip until your next swim (or sweat) sesh.

5. Beyond Yoga Totally Woven Racerback Sports Bra

Beyond Yoga's merlot-colored sports bra features criss-crossing bands in the center to create a keyhole design. While some elastic bands can be itchy and restrictive, these are woven to be soft and comfortable. It's machine washable, too, so no shrinking or stretching post-wash.

6. Under Armour Mid-Support Keyhole Bra

Instead of a keyhole design in the front of the bra, Under Armour's version places the design in the back to circulate air from behind. The racerback straps and extra-stretchy band allow for flexible movement during cardio, circuit training, and yoga. Available in purple, pink, and black.

7. Michi Empress Bra

If you want your sports bra to make a statement, look no further than Michi's Empress Bra. The vibrant yellow alone is enough to stand out in a sea of black and gray, but the delicate straps and keyhole design make it all the more fashionable. And if yellow isn't really your color, black, magenta, and a dusty pink are available, too.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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