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4 of the Newest (and Prettiest) Nail Polishes Are Plucked Straight From the Garden

Zoe Weiner

Photo: Getty Images/ Tatiana Del Giudice / EyeEm

Nail polish trends are about as fickle as your Gemini ex. In other words? They come and go so quickly that they’re hard to keep track of. But though neon and French manis are cool for like, a minute, the one “trend” you know you can always count on is petal-colored polish. It's good news, because some of the prettiest new polishes of the season were plucked straight from the garden.

Think: rosy reds, peony purples, and cherry blossom pinks, all of which would look just as at home in a farmer’s market bouquet as they will on your fingertips. Keep scrolling for the ones worth (literally) picking for yourself, which will make for glorious flower-front manicure selfies through the summer of 2021 and beyond.

1. Deborah Lippman Bed of Roses Nail Polish Set, $22

Choose from an entire arrangement's worth of shades with this six-polish set, which includes shades ranging from pale pink to deep rose.

2. Base Coat Breathable and Halal Nail Polish in Poppy, $30

Your 10 fingers will look more like a dozen roses with this deep, luxurious red. It's got a high-shine finish for a glamorous, old-Hollywood feel.

3. NAILS INC. Relationship Status: Blushing Nail Polish Set, $20

This set has all the makings of a *literal* "pretty in pink" manicure, including pinky beige, light blush, neon fuchsia, and rich berry. Wear them alone or all together for an entirely new take on ombré.

4. Essie Expressie

Steal some inspo from another part of the garden with this bee-line yellow, which will be the perfect compliment to your standard pinks and reds.

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