No matter what your goals are for the new year, there's one intention just about anyone can get behind: have more adventures.

Okay, so out-of-town escapades may have once been at odds with your wellness resolutions—looking at you, swim-up bar—but that's definitely not the case anymore. We're in a golden age of healthy travel, with fitness stars, lifestyle brands, and exotic resorts offering getaways that'll give you awesome memories (and Instagram photos), but also a few new habits. (Even your flight there is getting healthier.)

Need further proof that wellness retreats are one of the biggest trends of 2017? In the first five months of the year, you can embark on circuit training and safaris in Botswana, do a digital detox under the Northern Lights, take nightly sound baths in Nicaragua, learn about astrology in Costa Rica, or work on your warrior pose in Cuba, Japan, and Morocco.

So add a few more pages to your passport and memorize your frequent flyer number—there are so many dreamy healthy getaways coming up, you'll probably be tempted to book more than one.

Keep reading for the 27 best wellness retreats happening winter and spring 2017.


Photo: ITC Grand Bharat
Photo: ITC Grand Bharat

Ongoing: Ayurvedic Detox Wellness Retreat

Gurgaon, New Delhi, India

If you're intrigued by the idea of an Ayurvedic cleanse but aren't down with induced vomiting, this seven-night experience is a happy medium. The journey starts with a doctor-administered Ayurvedic wellness consultation, followed by a wide range of detox therapies including 12 (!) massage sessions, nutrition customized to balance your doshas, personalized yoga classes, pranayama, and meditation. Oh, and enemas are indeed part of the deal, but at least you'll be receiving them in luxury—everything goes down at the lush ITC Grand Bharat, India’s first all-suite resort.

Photo: Free People
Photo: Free People

January 22–28: FP Escapes Todos Santos

Todos Santos, Mexico

Feeling a little off-kilter after a gnarly 2016? This retreat, a joint effort between Free People and Yogascapes, will help you find your center again. Nutritionist Tara Curran and aesthetician Hayley Roy of Skin Food have designed a menu of cleansing foods for the week, which will help fuel you through their holistic beauty workshops and the yoga and breathwork offered by instructor Kate Mulheron. Guests receive $500 in Free People gear and a pair of Teva sandals to wear to all the retreat's activities—from stand-up paddleboarding to a sweat lodge ceremony.

Photo: Instagram/@sarah_levey
Photo: Instagram/@sarah_levey

January 29–February 4: Y7 Yoga Retreat

Montezuma, Costa Rica

Booming bicoastal hip-hop yoga brand Y7 is gearing up for its first ever international getaway. You'll join co-founder Sarah Levey and instructors Stephanie LaSpina and Casey Layne Anderson for a packed schedule of twice-daily yoga classes and workshops, surf lessons, bodywork, hiking, drinks, and dancing. But perhaps the coolest experience of all? A "waterfall wellness ritual" involving indigenous fruits, flowers, herbs, and oils. (Insert bad TLC joke here.)

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