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9 Travel-Size Natural Beauty Products You’ll Want to Take on Every Trip

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Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi

Despite how strongly you feel that you'd just die without that 84-ounce tub of coconut oil by your side, by now you know you can't sneak that thing past TSA. So how are you supposed to keep up with your self-care Sunday ritual while you're away from home? You get travel-size minis, that's how.

Products that are helpfully packaged at 3.4 ounces or less aren't just useful for travel, though. If you've been thinking about buying an expensive face cream but aren't ready to commit to price tag, you can test the waters (or oils or serums) by ordering the travel-size version.

Whether you're going on a trip soon or just love all things mini, you'll want to check out these beauty products.

Scroll below to see our travel-friendly natural-beauty favorites.

While you're packing your toiletry bag, consider including some essential oils to help make your trip stress-free. Looking for something more high-tech? These are the gadgets that you'll always want to travel with

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