How an Icelandic Makeup Artist-Slash-Cool Girl Gets Ready Every Morning

Photo: Tinna Empera
In Iceland, spa is a lifestyle. The country's residents frequent lagoons, slather on pristine, locally-derived ingredients, and bathe in waterfalls—okay, I'm exaggerating, but they do get to live in a country that caters to self-care.

It is true, however, that caring for one's skin is a way of life—at least, according to makeup artist and cool girl Tinna Empera, who hails from the gorgeous country. "My beauty philosophy has always been less is more," she says. "It's about taking care of your skin first, from the inside and out. If you take care of your skin, it radiates beauty and self worth. A good base of healthy skin is the perfect canvas."

"If you take care of your skin, it radiates beauty and self worth."

Of course, in a place where there are harsh winters and brief summers, the climate can take a toll on the complexion—so self-care requires some extra T.L.C. "There’s a lot of wind, rain, and dry air, so we’ve had to adapt our skin-care products to fight the elements," says Empera. "Luckily, Iceland has an abundance of resources, like geo-thermal water, clay, and herbs that are said to have healing powers." In other words—those in the country stick with what the land has to offer to stay glowy all year round.

Keep reading to see Empera's personal beauty routine.

Photo: Soley

Soley Organics Fersk White Foam, $44

“I always start my day with a shower," says Empera. "Every morning I use Fersk White Foam by Soley on my face. It's a gentle morning wash that quickly removes the dirt and excess oil built up throughout the night."

Rose toner
Photo: Fresh

Fresh Rose Floral Toner, $40

"Once I get out of the shower, I spray Fresh Rose Floral Toner by Fresh on my face and let it set while I put Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream by Glossier all over my body," says Empera. "This toner is really calming for my skin and I’m in love with the smell."


Photo: Glossier

Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen, $25

"The last and most important step in my morning routine is applying Daily Sunscreen SPF 35 by Glossier," says Empera, who stresses that she's keen on wearing sunscreen every day.

Cleansing balm
Photo: L'Occitane

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cleansing Balm, $44

"At night, my skin-care routine starts with Immortelle Divine Cleansing Balm by L'Oocitane," says Empera. "It helps dissolve all types of makeup—even waterproof—without drying out the skin. After rinsing and drying my face with a towel, I mist with my Fresh toner."

Photo: The Ordinary

The Ordinary Buffet Serum, $15

"When my skin feels extra dry from traveling or if I just didn’t drink enough water that day, I use The Buffet Serum by The Ordinary," Empera says. "I'll use one drop of the serum before applying my moisturizer on the parts of my face that need it the most, avoiding the places where I get oily."

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