Is Getting *Outside* of the Gym the Key to Overcoming Your Workout Rut?


Welcome to House of Wellness, our hot new show with ReebokONE, in which we turn to leaders in the healthy-living movement and Reebok fitness experts to answer all of your burning questions. 

New York City's boutique fitness scene is basically a buffet menu of workout options (if you can dream it, you can find it). Still, it's possible to get overwhelmed and find yourself in a seriously boring treadmill loop—hey, it even happens to Well+Good editors.

With a little creativity, the gym can be everywhere.

But what if the answer is simply changing your mindset? We teamed up with ReebokONE to find out what happens when you get outside of the gym with some old-school activities—and the results are LOL-worthy.

Tune in to see former gymnast Ella Dove dust off her front flips at Trapeze School New York, while avid rock-climber Eva Medoff (ahem, circa fifth grade) brushes up on her skills at Brooklyn Boulders. Warning: It may just make you want to bust out your old moves.

Check out the action above, and scroll down to shop every (decidedly modern, got-to-have-it-now) look.

ReebokONE honors the fitness instructors who inspire us, motivate us, and drive us to achieve our goals. How? By building a team of trainers that's 120,000 strong worldwide—and giving them 25 percent off all purchases, always. Because fitness pros do more than sculpt bodies. They help us dream big.

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