The class-action lawsuit that may make you rethink your lip balm

eos_lip_balm_mouth_rash Fun packaging, deliciously fruity scents, and natural ingredients have pretty much guaranteed EOS lip balm a spot in all our handbags. But some new information may make you rethink your devotion.

A handful of customers are suing the brand in a class-action lawsuit, TMZ reports. The suit claims EOS balm has done the exact opposite of nourishing and moisturizing lips, causing “severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation.” Not exactly the plush-lipped look you’re going for.

The brand has been under fire in the past for causing rashes, Jezebel reports, and the Amazon reviews show it’s a widespread complaint. One customer even ranted on the company’s Facebook page, saying she found mold in the egg-shaped container (which may be completely unrelated, but pretty gross anyway).

EOS will be joining the ranks of WEN Hair Care, which is facing a lawsuit for allegedly causing extreme hair loss. Take this as your daily reminder to be an ingredient sleuth, even when products are natural, especially if you tend to have allergic reactions to certain ingredients. —Amy Marturana

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