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The Week’s Top Stories: April 22-28

Photo: SoulCycle

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed. 

1. 14 Natural beauty products you’ll find in celeb makeup bags

If we use the face oil Kate Middleton swears by, will we all magically turn into princesses overnight?

2. 10 Mantras from “Soul Original” instructors to celebrate SoulCycle’s 10th Anniversary

With super empowering phrases like “Be what you need” or “Obstacles are a gift from the universe,” it’s no wonder we’re still tapping back a decade later.

3. This happiness workout will have you sweating and smiling

It’s not just endorphins you’ll be releasing, but negativity and emotional weight too.

4. The Well+Good guide to greens

Finally, a way to tell your chard from your ‘choy.

5. The nutrition expert who changed Elle Macpherson’s life

The supermodel swears by focusing on alkalinizing your body.