Yes! The best nutritional plan for you depends, in part, on your lifestyle, temperament, and preferences.  Because astrology can shed some light on those personal qualities, you can actually use your birth chart to help define a nutritional approach that vibes with your personality.  A helpful starting place? Your sun sign! Figuring out how to eat for this zodiac sign is about honoring its energy in both the kinds of foods and drinks you choose and the ways you consume them.

According to astrologer and certified nutritionist Claire Gallagher, author of Body Astrology, that crucially does not mean pinpointing certain foods that your sign must eat. Instead, she says, it's more about considering how (and not what) to eat for your zodiac sign, in terms of what she calls "nutritional gestures." These are the general types of foods and eating styles that are most likely to resonate with each sign based on its overall vibe and the parts of the body over which it rules. 

Discover how to eat for your sign's particular energy according to a certified nutritionist & astrologer

What nutritional gesture works best for your sign?