With Metamorphosis, Tracy Anderson Takes Her Tiny Weights to the Masses

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Gwyneth Paltrow's fitness guru just debuted a line of DVDs, which means those not in NYC can get a custom workout. But can Anderson's program get you results?

Tracy Anderson MetamorphosisIt was only a matter of time before Gwyneth Paltrow's fitness guru came out with a line of DVDs.

Metamorphosis by Tracy is a 90-day "at-home workout that is as close to having me as your personal trainer as possible," promises Anderson. (Sans the $900 monthly fee.)

We applaud the program's three-month premise for recognizing that body transformation happens in months, not days or weeks, as some celebrity trainers would have us believe. Anderson is all about putting in the time—and lots of it.

Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis DVDS
Which of Tracy Anderson's four body types are you?

That said, we really like that Metamorphosis is not a one-size-fits-all program. The workouts change every ten days (no plateaus for you) and are "customized to your body type."

Anderson has identified four body types based on how your body gains and stores fat. You decide if you're abcentric, hipcentric, glutecentric, or omnicentric (which means mother nature dealt you a cruel hand), and you'll get the corresponding nine DVDs, which include a (dance) cardio component of 30 minutes and three "transforming muscular structure work" DVDs for your body type.

How different are the DVDs for each body type—or do distinct do they need to be—to get you results? That is the question.

Tracy Anderson results
Before and after: A studio client of Tracy Anderson's on Metamorphosis, featured in GOOP

Speaking of results, the $89.97 set also comes with a nutrition guide, and that's meaningful because Anderson can't do you grocery shopping for you.

The broad strokes of Anderson's fitness and nutrition prescription sound like good common sense to us.

For more information or to order the DVDs visit, tracyandersonmethod.com

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