14 Yoga Gym Bags That Stow Your Yoga Mat Seamlessly

Photo: Facebook/@sweatybetty

As a devoted yogi—but one who isn't devoted to just one studio—I find that actually transporting all that gear can get pretty exhausting. Juggling my mat and accessories, plus my usual daily haul of crap, winds up making me the worst person on whatever subway car I end up riding. All because I love yoga.

Not anymore. These gym bags, all of which are designed to keep your yoga supplies streamlined AF, are as cool as they are functional. Once, I was a pain in the ass to fellow straphangers; now, I'm often asked where I got my tote.

If this sounds implausible, you'll want to take a look at this season's offerings. Here's what's trending now: smart storage options like waterproof compartments for your sweaty clothes, cross-body silhouettes, contrasting interiors, sporty colorways, and of-the-moment patterns. (A little camouflage, anyone?) With these gym bags, you'll hit that perfect balance of fashion and function… and lighten your load at the same time.

Scroll down and browse 14 gym bags that will tote your yoga mat in style.


Grab some cool new leggings to go with your new gym bag: Try a comfortable, flattering, high-waisted pair or one that's covered in constellation prints.

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