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3 new ways to get your Greek yogurt fix


Say what you will about dairy, but there’s no denying that the demand for protein-packed Greek yogurt just keeps growing. So, it makes sense that ways you can enjoy it are multiplying, too.

In addition to more brands on the yogurt bar scene and a new men’s line of “brogurt,” companies are coming up with novel ways to serve it—from dessert pops to spreads.

We found (and sampled) three new ways for you to get your Greek yogurt fix this spring:

1. Pinkberrygreek. The company that started the froyo craze is dropping the fro’ for its latest launch. Pinkberrygreek debuted nationwide on April 1, and, guess what?  It’s okay to eat it for breakfast. The Greek yogurt is made with just non-fat milk and yogurt cultures—no added sugar or preservatives—and a serving comes with 15 grams of protein in just 80 calories. Just remember: It’s not good for you anymore if it’s covered in brownie bites. Pinkberry locations nationwide.

Greek Cream Cheese2. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese. Every New Yorker needs an excuse to eat a bagel. Here’s one: This Vermont-based company uses Greek yogurt to deliver a spread that has half the fat (3.5g) and double the protein (4g) than a serving of regular cream cheese. It also has less calories and salt, added tangy flavor, and the probiotic benefits of yogurt. Which will help you digest all of those poppy seed-covered carbs. (Full disclosure, we also like this brand because one of our dads created it.) Available at Fairway and Stop & Shop locations in New York.

3. Yasso Frozen Green Yogurt PopsThese fat-free frozen treats are just 80 calories a piece and add six-to-seven grams of protein to your dessert. They do contain added sugar, but 12 grams is still pretty low on the sweet treat market, and they come in yummy, clean flavors like blueberry, vanilla bean, and coconut. Available at Whole Foods and Key Food locations in New York.