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By Rebecca Bailey for

In my search for the holy grail of cleansers, I’ve found a few noteworthy products that are special, though not quite perfect for my skin type or picky needs. Not everyone is dry/mature like me, or has the same criteria for judging a cleanser, so these are definitely worth a mention.

They are all quality products that are clean, vegan, and gluten free. Hope you see one you love.

One Love Organics Chia Whip: This fragrance free foaming cleanser, with a wonderfully simple formula, is a combination of soap and detergent. It is SO close to perfect, I just don’t think any soap in the formula is the best choice for me. It foams like mad (because of the foaming pump) and washes off all makeup in one step. For my skin, it sometimes left me with just a smidge of that soapy tightness. If I used the tiniest bit – one full pump or so – I didn’t feel tight, and those of you looking for a very mild soap cleanser may adore this. ($28/5 oz)

Sevani Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser: Designed for all skin types, this gorgeous soap free formula includes exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids along with anti-inflammatory botanicals to suit even sensitive skin. It doubles as a mask, which is actually my favorite use for this product. It’s another that came SO close for me, but the strongish orangey scent is not quite what I want for every day, plus it’s not something one can use to take off eye makeup. ($39/4 oz)

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