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SweatyWhen we tested four natural deodorants this past March to see if they would be there for us (and our neighbors) as we sweat our way through power yoga and boot camps, we discovered both stellar options and serious stinkers.

Now, a new deodorant, Pure Pitz, has entered the market just in time for 90-degree outdoor yoga in New York City. We took it for a test run (well, several runs, and to a July 4 BBQ).

Pure Pitz by Purely LisaPurely Lisa Pure Pitz
Price: $13 at Whole Body and One Lucky Duck
Grade: A+

Although it won’t curb moisture since it’s not an antiperspirant, its blend of organic oils, aluminum-free baking soda, and cocoa and shea butters will keep you smelling super-fresh.

I brought it with me for holiday-weekend traveling, and it weathered every sweat storm—from two humid morning runs to an exceedingly sunny poolside barbecue. It goes on completely clear, and since it’s a stick, you can avoid gooey finger residue. Its compact BPA-free packaging means it’ll fit in your purse for post-workout reapplications. Though, here’s the crazy thing: you might not need it twice in a day. —Lisa Elaine Held

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