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(Photo: Tanzie Johnson)
Alycea Ungaro’s releases her most notable book in a modern form, but it’s content is traditional Pilates all the way.  (Photo: Tanzie Johnson)


To say that Alycea Ungaro is a Pilates guru is an understatement.

Over her 20 years as a classical Pilates instructor, she’s founded Tribeca’s popular Pilates outpost, Real Pilates, trained fit celebs like Madonna, Molly Sims, and Christy Turlington, and penned a handful of books.

Body In MotionHer most notable, Pilates: Body in Motion, first published in 2002, is available in e-book version as of today (March 6). So no more throwing off your posture lugging the hardback version around.

Interestingly Ungaro didn’t really touch her tome otherwise, we learned. Why, you may ask, would a Pilates savant like Ungaro choose not to not to amend the book after amassing an additional 12 years of experience from when she first penned it?

“In 2014, with the death of most of the first generation Pilates teachers, we are in danger of losing our link to the true Pilates method,” Ungaro explains. “As a second generation teacher I hope I can help to establish a link to our past by preserving the method in life.”

We’re sure the strict Joseph Pilates would give Ungaro a big well-postured hug if he were alive, right about now. —Jamie McKillop

For more information visit, or check out Pilates Body in Motion