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(Photo: The Umstead Hotel and Spa)
(Photo: The Umstead Hotel and Spa)


Spa menus are no stranger to lifting kitchen items for your face, like milk, honey, and more. Now, North Carolina’s Umstead Hotel and Spa is reaching into the minibar for a spiked version—a “beer facial” you can apply at home.

“The yeast in beer works to balance the pH of the skin and targets the bacteria that cause breakouts,” says spa director Carolyn Doe, who created the facial in recognition of North Carolina Beer Month. Though it might sound like she’s been sipping her own skin-care prescription, yeast extract has a beauty track record. It appears in products to help with hyperpigmentation (SK-11, most famously) or as a fast-acting firmer in eye cream (like Kahina’s).

Hopefully, in this form, it won’t also give your skin a hangover. And hey, maybe this beauty treatment is one your boyfriend will actually want in on. —Lisa Elaine Held

North Carolina Beer Facial


For oily skin: 2 tbsp egg whites
For dry skin: 2 tbsp egg yolks and a vitamin E capsule
2 Tbsp of your favorite North Carolina Beer (or whatever’s in your fridge!)


Whisk together and apply to the skin with a cotton ball. Allow to dry for about 20 minutes. Apply a wet warm towel to loosen the mask. Rinse well until the entire mask is removed. (Caution: If you’re allergic to any ingredients noted in this recipe, omit them.)

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