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Just like Paddleboard Yoga—only without the water?


Paddleboard yoga officially became this summer’s hottest workout, so it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way for the seasonally-challenged to do it year round. And on land.

Behold, the Indo Yoga Board, which promises to deliver the seriously core-challenging benefits of doing yoga on a paddleboard, without the danger of falling in and ruining your blowout.

The board, which looks like an oversize skateboard, has four rockers on the bottom. They provide the instability necessary to make you work harder to hold yoga poses. (Those in the super-gifted yoga program, you can add extra instability by attaching three inflatable IndoFLO cushions under the board for an added challenge.)

On the fitness scene, it’s hard to not see the board’s resemblance to SurfSet, the indoor surfboard workout. Only in this case, you’ll have to spring for your own Indo Yoga Board ($300, plus $75 extra for the IndoFLO cushions), rather than just show up for a class that provides the equipment.

Urbanites might find the latter more appealing. Even if they don’t balk at the price tag, they might find toting this 5’9″ board on the subway a deal-breaker. —Carla Vass

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