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Johnny G Kranking
Want guns like this? Johnny G shows off the Krankcycle. Photo via Krankcycle

Johnny G, the cyclist who invented Spinning in his garage almost two decades ago, was in town last weekend for the ECA fitness convention promoting his new-ish Kranking experience, which, in Manhattan at least, is still only available in two Equinox locations and one Reebok Sports Club. But if you believe The New Yorker, it’s going to be “huge.”

So what’s it all about? Krankcycles are essentially stationary bikes that you power with your arms. You can opt to pedal one arm at a time or both simultaneously and, as with spinning, are free to adjust the resistance yourself.

The catch? Johnny G’s own website concedes that upper body rotational exercise is really nothing new. The idea of using your arms to power a cardio workout is over 80 years old (the first machine was patented over 80 years ago), but it’s never caught on, he says, because it’s been seen as rehab, not day-to-day exercise. What Johnny G hopes to do with Kranking—and his own Krankcycles—is to turn upper-body spinning into something hot.

So what do you think? Will we see Kranking at SoulCycle or Flywheel anytime soon?