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My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Kathy Patalsky

kathy patalsky
(Photo: Caroline White Photography)

Kathy Patalsky is the author of 365 Vegan Smoothies, a cookbook filled with—you guessed it—365 vegan smoothie recipes, one for each day of the year—your Vitamix and grocery budget willing.

A California girl, Patalsky first made a name for herself in the online foodie community with the 2007 launch of Healthy Happy Life (, a vegan food blog that demonstrates her cooking and food photography chops, which has grown into a massive community of aesthetically inclined recipe-hunters and veggie-lovers.

Here, Patalsky shares a recipe straight from the pages of her book—it’s a fun twist on the classic green juice, that’s meant to be enjoyed in the morning, or whenever you’re in need of an energy boost.

“Kick start your day with this vibrant, spicy blend of nutrient rich kale and fruit,” Patalsky says. “The stimulating lemon and cayenne can ease you into detox mode. Try using a frozen orange for a frostier sip.” —Jamie McKillop

Sassy Green Kick Start Smoothie

1 cup chopped kale leaves
1/4 cup green grapes
1 orange, peeled and segmented
1 banana
1/2 cup coconut water
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
2 to 3 pinches cayenne
1/2 cup ice
1 tsp aloe vera juice (optional)

Blend from low to high power until frosty smooth.

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