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MoisturizerBy Alexandra Spunt and Siobhan O’Connor for

The use of oils-as-moisturizer is becoming increasingly popular— even the mainstream mags are getting behind the movement. We’d like to believe we played a small part in their promotion, though we acknowledge it’s taken on a life of its own.

And interestingly, a new Mintel report says that most people are really unhappy with whatever they’re using to moisturize their bodies. From HAPPI: “79% wish hand and body lotion lasted longer, while nearly half feel like they still have dry skin, even right after applying the lotion. In addition, 38% of users think hand lotions are too greasy and 37% often feel like lotions leave their skin feeling sticky.”

(We wonder if they’re using mainstream moisturizers that don’t have particularly skin-friendly ingredients in them. Probably, since this was a nationwide survey, and as much as we’d love “most people” to use naturals, most people still do not.)

But with so many women making the switch to body oil, or at the very least adding oils to their routine, we want to know: What’s your preference? Oils or moisturizers?

Keep reading to find out more and to share your moisturizing habits…

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