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One Lucky Duck
More macaroon flavors? Yes, please!


Sarma Melngailis’ raw food company, One Lucky Duck, which makes popular snacks like macaroons and coconut milk ice cream, may soon have to change its name to One Successful Duck, because luck is not all that’s driving the brand’s recent growth. Today, One Lucky Ducky announced that it signed a lease to move its production into a 4,000-square-foot space in Williamsburg.

Until now many of its snacks and other products were prepped in Pure Food & Wine‘s back kitchen, creating a crowding problem. (And here we thought the slightly long wait for food was due to all that dehydrating.)

Here’s what the expansion means: New raw, vegan snacks will be added to the current selection in stores, the online store will offer a wider variety of products, and Pure Food and Wine’s kitchen will be able to churn out more raw lasagna.

And, One Lucky Duck will have friends in the building—it will join other healthy local businesses like Kombucha Brooklyn and People’s Pops in the artisanal-food-focused hub (formerly the Pfizer Building).

We can’t help wondering if a Brooklyn storefront will follow.