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Recipe: The Pomegranate Tonic Smoothie

Fall_Tonic_smoothie_recipe_pomegranateLike a fully loaded new car of smoothies, this month’s recipe is packed with super-smart ingredients that detox, reset, and prep your bod for the winter ahead.

Antioxidant powerhouse pomegranate is great for overall health, but we’re blending it because some studies show its potential as a winter-blues buster. (It may stimulate serotonin receptors.)

Now, how do you get the darn seeds out of the pulpy fruit and not lose your mind in the process? Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who loves pomegranate’s benefits, has a great trick here for that.)

This tonic also calls for lemon, a simple fruit that has super powers, from establishing alkalinity to boosting immunity. Spinach adds a dose of dark, leafy greens (in a rad frozen form—we’ll tell you more about that in a minute), and medicinal ginger helps digestion and prevent inflammation.

The secret weapon in this smoothie? Dandelion root extract, known as a liver cleanser by a slew of wellness experts, and which you can get inexpensively in dropper form. —Jennifer Kass

Use ice cube trays to freeze spinach into smoothie-friendly cubes. We like it blended with a bit of almond milk and water. (Photo:

Recipe: The Fall Tonic Smoothie

Blend and enjoy!

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
1/2 lemon (peel, pith, and all)
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled
5 frozen spinach cubes (or a handful of spinach and 5 ice cubes)
Dandelion root extract, one dropper full
3/4 cup filtered water