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Class Action: Dance cardio, with serious emphasis on the “cardio”

(Photo: Body Conceptions)
Body Conceptions in its new Flatiron District studio at Bella Vita Wellness. (Photo: Jamie McKillop for Well+Good)

Body Conceptions BoCo Blast 45
Where it’s offered: Stepping Out Studios and Bella Vita Wellness, Manhattan

Body Conceptions, the dance cardio-meets-toning method created by former Tracy Anderson and Flybarre instructor Mahri Relin, just added a supercharged cardio class to its line-up—BoCo Blast 45.

The class ($32) is one of two new high-intensity sessions introduced by the expanding brand, with the other, BoCo Power Sculpt, focusing on serious sculpting. (Relin will be launching online workouts any minute now.)

“We were getting  a lot of requests for a cardio-specific class on top of our classic workout,” Relin explains. “There are just those people who love the dancing and who want to sweat a ton.”

On that front, BoCo Blast 45 definitely delivers.

It’s a 45-minute dancing cardio and jumping sweat fest with tons of planks and pushups to start then plyometric blasts throughout, so you don’t miss out on strength training completely.

The choreography wasn’t too complex (i.e. this very much non-dancer could follow along), and after every two or three songs there were some in-motion body sculpting moves like dancing with hand weights.

The super upbeat music helps keep you moving when halfway through class you’ve completely sweat through your clothes, and the substantial amount of plyo jumps really takes it up a notch (or five) in terms of jacking your heart rate. The grande finale? A six-minute cardio dance sequence. —Jamie McKillop

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