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SushiSamba introduces quinoa hand rolls

quinoa rolls
SushiSamba's new Quinoa Temaki


New York’s go-to spot for Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian cuisine (or a “Sex in the City” Hotspots Tour) is introducing a new ingredient to its sushi menu: quinoa.

SushiSamba says that it’s “one of the first” restaurants to incorporate protein and vitamin-rich quinoa into raw-fish rolls, and it’s a natural fit since the trendy super-grain is originally from South America.

The Quinoa Temaki hand rolls will come in a trio—Sweet Chili Tuna, Shrimp and Shishito, and Yasai (veggie, with avocado, snow pea shoot, and sweet potato)–or you can order any of the hand rolls, like spicy tuna, with quinoa instead of rice.

That’s good news for the city’s quinoa-obsessed and gluten-free diners.

Would you try quinoa sushi? Have you seen it anywhere else?