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Brett HoebelBrett Hoebel, the former Biggest Loser trainer and creator of the popular RevAbs at-home workout system, is adding another role to his resume this month: Flywheel instructor.

Most personal trainers start in group fitness and teach classes until they make it onto network TV, and while Hoebel did follow that trajectory (he started at Equinox back in the day), he’s now coming full circle, back to packed, off-camera classes, which he’ll teach at Flywheel’s Los Angeles Larchmont and West Hollywood locations.

Hoebel will make surprise appearances in New York, which is where we caught up with him. And we noticed that the excitement for teaching there is practically bubbling out of him.

“There’s an energy that’s created in group fitness that is very contagious,” he says. “You feel that energy, you feel that inspiration, and it gives you f*cking goosebumps! All of these people around you are in it to win it. If you can deliver an inspirational message on top of the movement, it’s a done deal. That’s what I’m going for. An experience.”

He chose spinning because of its unique fitness-plus-inspiration (in the dark) combo, and Flywheel because he’s obsessed with the tech pack. “It’s not that you have to compare yourself to everyone else, but you have an objective way of measuring your effort,” he explains. (And maybe investor Jillian Michaels whispered in his ear?)

“Brett is an incredibly motivational instructor, and I think the bike and the atmosphere Flywheel creates for the riders is the perfect place for him to not only display his power and strength as an athlete, but his unique message and inspiration as a coach,” says Flybarre fave instructor Shay Kostabi, who also works as trainer for Hoebel.

It may also inspire a new career trajectory for other celeb trainers. Should we expect to spot Jackie Warner on the schedule at Barry’s soon? —Lisa Elaine Held

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