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YinOva's current reception area will move to the 11th Street entrance

The YinOva Center, the Union Square-based acupuncture practice that’s known for fertility enhancement, Chinese medicine for families, and more, is expanding (like many of its now-pregnant clients).

Helmed by spouses Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubenstein, recently christened “acupuncture’s royal couple” in the current issue of Town & Country, YinOva is taking over a store-front location on East 11th Street, where Roland & Victor Carl Antiques is currently. (The furniture shop is moving to another space in the same building.) The new space is slated to open next month.

The need for more room was unexpected. “The last time we expanded we were worried that it was too big,” says Blakeway. “So it took us by surprise to find ourselves bursting at the seams less than two years later.”

Like many a growing New York City family, they went in search of larger digs and luckily didn’t have to uproot the whole practice—the new space connects to their existing one. With an additional 500 square feet, the popular acupuncture center will allow YinOva to accommodate more patients and hold community events, like a Fertility Support Group (call YinOva for more information 212-533-2255), says Blakeway, as well as talks, seminars, and events on holistic health—demonstrating that community support is almost as important as the acupuncture treatments. And the new space will allow them to put this belief into action.