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bone brothMarco Canora basically set off the bone broth craze when he opened his tiny take-out window last year. Now, he’s stirring things up again with a bizarrely intriguing concept: bone broth that tastes like hot chocolate.

This week, Brodo opened a pop-up window at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, at Rivington and Bowery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which will be open for the next few months (with an exact closing date still TBD).

It will serve its regular menu, including a new play on eggnog made with organic chicken broth, egg yolk, and nutmeg, and one very special beverage made in collaboration with Morgenstern’s owner Nick Morgenstern: the St. Nick. According to the restaurant, this “warming drink is reminiscent of hot cocoa, blending gingered grass-fed beef broth with 100 percent unsweetened chocolate and a shot of rich coconut milk.”

Maybe sipping it will help you remind your body that it is, in fact, December, even if the temperature is making you crave fresh lemonade? —Lisa Elaine Held

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