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SoulCycle and Liquiteria create SoulJuice

“We are huge fans of Liquiteria, flattered, and love the juice,” says SoulCycle’s Gabby Cohen.


After a sweat session in a yellow skull tank, on a yellow bike, in a yellow-accented fitness studio, indoor cycling fans can now grab a hydrating SoulJuice at Liquiteria, in the same sunny, signature SoulCycle shade.

The expanding juice brand was inspired to create a post-Soul cold-pressed juice, explains Liquiteria CMO Christine Graves, whose newest Union Square location is right near two SoulCycle studios. (A stream of sweaty riders past your store certainly counts as inspiration.)

“Liquiteria developed several prototypes for them to taste. And they chose the formula that ultimately became SoulJuice. It contains coconut water to rehydrate, pineapple juice to replenish, and chia seeds to refuel, as they have post-workout protein and healthy fats,” she says.

You can find SoulJuice in all the Liquiteria locations and a few SoulCycle studios have been offering samples. And, not surprisingly, it’s insanely popular.

“It sold out the first two days,” says Graves. Of course, like the number of Soul studios and Liquiteria locations, there should be no problem making more. —Melisse Gelula