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Photo: Instagram/@alittlebitof_realfood
Photo: Instagram/@alittlebitof_realfood

Avocado toast will never stop being a delicious go-to morning meal (or anytime snack), but the latest food trend sweeping Instagram just might change your breakfast routine. Sweet potato toast is now a thing, and it’s easier to prepare than you might think.

Little Bits Of blogger Kelsey Preciado had the genius idea of simply slicing a sweet potato in half, popping each slice in the toaster (toasting for two rounds), and then using it in place of bread for toast, piling on delicious goodness like peanut butter and bananas, and okay, fine, avocados too. It’s even healthier than avocado toast because you’re swapping out bread for a veggie.

Photo: Instagram/@littlebitsof_readfood
Photo: Instagram/@littlebitsof_readfood

Now, people are getting creative with their recipes, using the sweet potato as a base for bacon and eggs, and even converting it to a delicious dinner by topping it with a protein like chicken, salmon, or tahini-spiced chickpeas. And just like that, your next meal is all planned out.

Want to ensure your breakfast boosts your gut health? This recipe delivers. Plus, these three avocado recipes are delicious—and don’t involve toast.