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food truck New York City
This food truck has its own farm (Photo: Great Performances)

The Katchkie Truck’s kitchen may have to speed along the Henry Hudson Parkway from the Bronx to Soho every week, but it will still make the slow-foodies proud.

The truck debuted a month ago at the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy as a mobile unit of the Great Performances Catering Company.

The company’s known for its 100-mile menu, on which all ingredients are sourced from within 100 miles of New York City. Similarly, customers of the new truck dig into super-fresh salads and sandwiches, since much of the produce is actually sourced from the company’s own organic 60-acre farm just north of the city.

The spirit of this farm-to-food-truck menu is really about “seasonality and fresh fruit and vegetables, all done thoughtfully and healthfully,” says Liz Neumark, the company’s CEO.

The signature menu item? The popular Katchkie Farm Veggie Burger (also served as sliders) with sliced tomatoes, tomato jam, and lettuce on a house-made chive roll. Organic, sustainable meat options are served, too. (Get the Veggie Burger recipe here!)

Are healthy New Yorkers just as keen to get their food from a truck as greasy-taco and dumpling-lovers are? Maybe it doesn’t matter: “The first thing we say about our food is that it tastes really great,” says Neumark. Track down the truck, and you can be the judge of that. —Lisa Elaine Held

Where to find the Katchkie Truck: On Mondays, in Hudson Square in Soho, and on Tuesday nights at Spring, near Varick and Vandam. The truck also regularly parks at Wave Hill in the Bronx. For menu and location updates, follow the truck on Twitter @katchkietruck