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Converse Chuck TaylorIf you’ve ever worn a pair of Converse Chucks (formally known as Chuck Taylor All Stars), you probably felt like you were part of a cool cultural zeitgest—until they started pinching your toes and making your soles sore.

That may be about to change. According to, the company is redesigning the iconic shoe for the first time, launching the Chuck II on July 28, in collaboration with Nike (which owns Converse).

The revamped shoe will have the bouncy foam Nike uses in its running and basketball shoes for cushioning and arch support, along with other made-for-comfort features. “Kids are growing up in a world where they know comfort, expect comfort, and won’t stand for discomfort,” CEO Jim Calhoun told (Kids these days, so needy. Don’t they know cool-factor comes from suffering silently?)

Converse Chuck Taylor II

In order to not freak out traditionalists, the Chuck II will be sold alongside classic Chucks at least to start. And NBA players from the 50s will likely curse everyone they see skipping around happily in the new version.—Lisa Elaine Held

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