Wellness Trends 2024

The Real Estate Industry Is Bringing Wellness to Your Doorstep

Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Fitness Gets Smarter, For Real

Nixtamalized Corn Will Soon Stalk up Your Pantry Shelves

‘Hair Longevity’ Products Go to Great Lengths To Keep Hair Healthy as You Age

In 2024, Your House Is Going To Smell Good—Really Good

Eating for Wellness Will Be a Lot Simpler—And More Celebratory—In 2024

The Red-Hot Sauna Industry Is Boiling Over With New Ways To Optimize Your Sweat Session

‘Strength Training’ Your Skin Will Become the Single Most Important Part of Your Beauty Routine in 2024

Birth Isn’t Just About the Baby: Next-Generation Postpartum Care Is Born

Our Everyday Gear Can Now Perform Medical Tests from Home


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