The 2024 SPF Awards are here! Check out our winners

Meet the Winners of Our 2024 SPF Awards

Experts say the best sunscreen is the one you’ll actually want to apply every day—but “want” is a strong word when so many of today’s formulas leave you greasy and ghostly. Unfortunately, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, and even with its historical shortcomings, SPF is still your best line of defense against sun damage. So why not find a sunscreen you truly love?

That’s where Well+Good’s 2024 SPF Awards come in. We spent months testing the top sunscreens and SPF-infused products for wearability, versatility, and inclusivity to crown the following 33 winners. These formulas exceeded our every expectation, and we’re confident they’ll exceed yours too, no matter how much of an SPF-hater you are. Congrats—your sunscreen search is officially over.

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